Declutter Your Surroundings

For Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Well-being

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Why You Need A Clutter Coach

You're Preparing To Organize

The first step in the organizing process is to declutter the space. Consequently, organizing a space is definitely much easier when clutter is out of site and out of mind.

You're Stuck

We often get stuck because we are afraid or because we are overwhelmed. Once we get in that mode, it’s often a difficult to thing to overcome. Decluttering reduces that “stuck” feeling.

Stress Reduction

Clutter leads to chaos. We actually get overwhelmed and stressed because of clutter. We try to ignore it, but it is still there. Plus, cleaning is easier when there’s no clutter.

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Decluttering frees your space and your mind

When Should I Declutter?

  • Before any organizing project.
  • You realize your things no longer have a place of their own.
  • You seem scatterbrained, but you can’t pinpoint why.
  •  When you look at a room and think, “Where can I squeeze this?”
  • You begin to see piles of stuff on your counters, tables, floors, etc.
  • You don’t know where to begin so that you can get your space organized.
  •  When it takes several minutes to find the file you are looking for on your computer (desktop).
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Room after Declutter

Will decluttering help?

Yes! The number one symptom of too much clutter is being stuck. You feel overwhelmed and anxious. Often you don’t know why. You also don’t know how to get away from being “bogged down.” A clutter coach helps you get past being stuck!

Since everyone’s clutter is different, it is highly recommended to get a clutter coach to help you determine the types of clutter that bother you, and to help you through the decluttering process.

Room after Declutter