About Me (Nora)

Life Coach and Organizing Guru

A little about Nora…

That’s me! I’m Nora. I’m a life long lover of finding ways to fit things in, on and together. Sometimes this means fitting for storage, other times it means figuring out what looks good on a shelf.

How it all started for me

Growing up I had a tiny bedroom. My mom insisted, “Nora, keep all of your Cabbage Patch Kids boxes! They may be worth money some day.” The dolls could be played with, but the boxes had to go in the closet. I’m still wondering about my mom’s logic. Anyway, I had to learn to fit all of those boxes (amongst other things) in as little space as possible.

I would regularly adjust my growing collection of boxes to make more space in my tiny bedroom that was also the family office / computer room. Clutter and a disorganized room were not options for me.

Living in that tiny space, and loving to rearrange furniture taught me how to visualize before arranging to get the best results. I started making checklists and planning in-depth projects to follow through on my visualizations.

My Background

I attended Chadron State College in Nebraska for my undergraduate work, where I obtained a BS, and continued work on an MS in Biology.

I then obtained an MS in physics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

During my time at UNLV, I began teaching. I realized that I loved it. The best feeling was when a student came to see me after her final. She had been struggling initially, but put forth the effort and came out with an A. She came to me with a thank you card and told me, “Nora, I learned so much. After the first test, I thought I was going to fail, but your teaching style allowed me to grow and love a course I had originally hated.”

It was at that point that I knew I wanted to help people reach their goals. I began taking a different approach to teaching. I began thinking of it as coaching. My goal was to get every student (that wanted to) an understanding of the material, and the grade they wanted to work toward at the end of the semester. Not everyone was successful, but I did find that every student enjoyed the class more using this approach, and I also enjoyed it more.

I have been helping people reach goals for years. In college, I helped coach 8 girls to their Girls Scout Silver Awards, and one to her Gold Award. Later on, I also had the privilege of coaching a past Miss Nebraska, and Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen (MAOTeen).

Then there have been my own goals. I have organized several large scale events, such as local MAOTeen pageants, silent auctions, and various other events. I have also taken on various coaching roles as a Girl Scout leader and church group leader.

My current motivations

I live with my husband, two children (and our cat and several fish) in, what we call, a highly sensitive household. All of us are considered highly sensitive people (HSPs).

What does that mean? Well, it means we all wear our emotions out in the open. We tend to easily pick up on the vibe in a room. Also, we know when someone is having a bad day… before the person even says a word. We tend to cry at every wedding, funeral and  movie (happy, sad or funny). Most of all, we have to have order to our lives so that our emotions don’t become too overwhelming.

I’ve come to realize that this order means something different for each of us. HSPs tend to be clutter bugs of varying types. Clutter comes in all sorts of forms, mental, physical, emotional, etc. To me and my husband, clutter is the stuff you see lying around the house. My children don’t mind the physical clutter, but really get bogged down in the emotional and mental clutter.

Over the years we’ve learned to become organized, minimize our clutter, and waste less time (still a work in progress – nobody’s perfect).

In addition to being an HSP, I also have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by unexplained pain. Along with it go several other issues. In addition to my muscular pain, I have had to deal with migraines, intersticial cystitis, tendinitis, Reynaud’s phenomenon, and several other conditions. One of my goals is to live pain-free, and I have overcome almost all of my pain with a lot of trial and error. Another goal is to help others live pain free.

I have continued building on my skills and pain management throughout my life, and now I bring you those skills to use as your own.

My coaching methods

I take a realistic approach to my coaching. Each person is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. I want to help you use your strengths to help you achieve your goals. I want to help you design a plan that you want to follow through with and complete.

My technique includes the use of my personally developed, SIMPLY goal done method to help you get your goal done. This means you will use a technique that I personally use and have gotten great results from, so that you, too, can obtain great results.

Now that you know a little about me, I hope that you will enjoy this site and reach out if you want to reach your goals.


~ Nora

About Me - Nora